acupuncture in berkeley


"I have been receiving Jin Shin Jyutsu treatments from Pam Reynolds for over eight years to help relieve the pain and discomfort of my severe scoliosis. Pam’s treatments have helped me to ease the pain of my scoliosis as well as the arthritis pain in my spine and other joints. In addition, the Jin Shin Jyutsu reduces the severity of my migranes.

I enjoy receiving the treatments very much. They are relaxing, revitalizing and they syncronize my body’s energy.

Several years ago, I was hospitalized for blood loss due to ulcers. The treatment that Pam gave me in the hospital reduced the bleeding and slowed the blood loss enough that I was spared a blood transfusion."

"Pam has made a real difference in the quality of my daily life.... I trust her completely."

"Pam was amazingly helpful for me in my process of recovery from alcohol and drug use. I especially appreciate her personality- I felt very comfortable working with her. The treatments helped to relieve the physical symptoms of withdrawal and helped to restore my sense of calmness and well being."

"I have gone to a variety of good acupuncturists over the past 20 years and Pam Reynolds is the best of the best. She is a natural healer with excellent training, but what I found to be so exquisite about my treatments from her was the presence of loving kindness that pervaded the room and my cells during and after treatments. I truly believe that her treatments helped me to maintain my pregnancy (after years of trying and a traumatic miscarriage) and I had a feeling of well-being after treatments with her that I had not experienced before."

"Pam’s careful communication, clear insights and personal warmth have been a profound contribution to my sense of well being over the past 12 years. I have turned to her with numerous challenges including poison oak, a herniated disk, candida and a life threatening illness. Pam’s gentle healing energy was also a great support for me as I went through a divorce and also worked on the stress in my body carried from childhood traumas."

"As an elementary school teacher I experience confidence and trust referring students with physical, social and learning challenges to Pam Reynolds. Through her work with them, I have seen children gain more vibrant health as well as inner strength and focus."