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Nutrition and Dietary Counseling

The food we eat is directly related to the way we feel. As Anne-Marie Fryer Wilboltt writes in Cooking for the Love of the World, “healthy eating habits.... lay the foundation for clarity of thought, stability of emotions, strength of motivation and a healthy sense of well-being.” Support with dietary practices is central to any natural healing program.

Combining her knowledge of many dietary systems with her Chinese medical diagnostic skill and her practical experience of the realities of feeding a family, Pam includes dietary recommendations emphasizing the healing properties of fresh, locally grown, unprocessed organic food.

Because each person is unique, diet is an individual matter. Much depends, among other factors, on age, the strength of a person’s system, heredity and the physical demands of a person’s life. Whether creating a comprehensive diet or making dietary suggestions, Pam works with each person to figure out a plan that will work for them, taking into account their food preferences and their lifestyle. If desired, Pam can problem solve with the person to figure out ways to incorporate the dietary program into his/her busy life.