First Visit

Before Your Treatment:
  • Have a little food in your stomach. It’s good to refrain from using recreational drugs or alcohol for several hours before a treatment.
  • Wear loose comfortable clothes. Sweats or loose fitting pants work well.
  • Allow two hours for the initial appointment and ninety minutes for subsequent visits. Please bring your completed Informed Consent Form on the first visit.
  • If possible please refrain from wearing heavily scented products on the day of your visit. Many patients have chemical sensitivities.

After Your Treatment, while your body is integrating the session:

It is good to have some downtime and possibly even rest after the treatment. We recommend waiting three hours before engaging in vigorous physical activity or using drugs or alcohol.

Appointment Cancellation and Missed Appointment Policy

Please call 510-548-0126 at least 48 hours in advance if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Missed appointments without 24 hour notice may be charged.